Pipework and Mechanical Installation

Rhyal Engineering’s PIPEWORK AND MECHANICAL INSTALLATION DIVISION can undertake full piping design, fabrication and installation projects, both as part of a tank related activity or as a stand alone project. This can range from the supply and installation of a few spools to multi-million pound projects including complete terminal installations or upgrades.

A good example of one of our recent projects included the construction of four 34.14m x 18m high Fixed Roof Jet Fuel Storage Tanks, the associated Clean Fuel, Samples and Slops Pipework, Electrical Power, Control, Instrumentation and all Civil Works.



  • Acceptance and Preparation of free issues unlined Carbon Steel Piping Materials

  • Procurement of all required outstanding materials

  • Onsite fabrication of Piping Spools

  • Installation and Testing of the Carbon Steel Clean Fuels Inlet and Outlet Piping and Associated Vales and Instrumentation



  • Procurement, Manufacture and Installation of various Galvanised Steel Walkways, Access Platform and the Sample Station Structures

  • Installation of the Product Recovery Pump

  • Installation of free issue Instrumentation to Tanks and Piping



  • Procurement, Installation and Testing of all Power and Control Cabling, all Site Lighting, the Earthing System and a new Main Distribution Board and Enclosure

  • Link to existing Terminal SCADA Systems

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